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Looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire your entrepreneurial minded students?  Contact Tom Kenemore for your next speaking event!

My mission:  To inspire students young and old alike to start their own small businesses now and to share my passion for entrepreneurship!

NEW! Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!  Google Plus & Facebook Online Review Secrets for Entrepreneurs!

Google Yelp Tripadvisor

No matter what kind of business you have. If you are selling a product or service, online or offline, local, national or worldwide, your business needs to get control of and start leveraging positive online reviews on Google Plus, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo and more! This course covers:

– How to create an endless source of free, new leads for your business

– How to gate or control which customers will write online reviews for you

– How to build or rebuild your online reputation (social proof) and your national and local search engine optimization with online reviews…BECOME A ROCK STAR IN YOUR LOCAL MARKET!

– What the most popular review sites are and how to find the review sites specific to your industry

– How to leverage your new and existing positive customer reviews for maximum benefit

– How to handle negative and fake reviews about your product, service or company

– How to handle a complaining customer and more

All using only legitimate strategies….only real customers and real reviews! No black hat techniques, reputation management firms, or fake reviews allowed! Have Tom present it live or take the online class here.


Young Entrepreneur – College & High School Speaking Programs:


Create Your Own Economy!  Why You Should Start A Small Business In High School or College!

The old model of getting a full time job right out of college just doesn’t have the appeal it used too.  Start a small business while you are still in school and graduate with more than just a degree, real small business experience!  Then while other graduates are worried about competing for a smaller job market, your part-time small business can become your full-time venture, an asset to sell, a second source of income, or a really interesting line on your resume.  This session will inspire your students to get started today!

“I really enjoyed how you had the audience participate instead of just sitting there and having us listen.  Like how it was applied to small business too and not all huge companies.” – Timothy W., CEO Club President, Owner & Founder of Topline Shirt Co.

“Very great ideas & inspirational to start up a business & not wait” – Corinne B., college student

“Very interactive, worksheet on passions is very inspiring” – Cristopher C., Director of Counseling

“Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise with Minnesota students through your participation in BestPrep’s Classroom Plus Program!” – Beth A., Classroom Plus Program Manager


Paid to Party!   How I took $600 in “leftover” student loans and built one of the largest disc jockey companies in the Upper Midwest.

After more than a dozen job rejections, Tom took the disc jockey company he started in college and turned it into one of the largest DJ services in the Upper Midwest.  He took $600 in student loan money and a Sear’s credit card and turned it into millions of dollars in DJ entertainment sales.  Tom explains how he built it and then sold it!

“I loved it….I liked that he shared failure stories, I have so many of those, made me feel better” – Celeste M., college student

“Thought it was very informative.  You gave some great info on doing what you love.  Your five questions you gave us was great.  I found that to be the best part of the presentation”

“Very inspiring and relatable.  I loved hearing about your success and failures, as well as your strive to succeed” – Amanda B., college student

“Very useful, eye opening.  Made audience think about what they want & do/don’t know about themselves” – Crista B., college student


Additional topics available on Entrepreneurship & Small Business:

Marketing, Negotiating, Barter and more.  Just contact me with your specific needs!

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