Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Business

YelpLogo1There is a large segment of small businesses today that completely ignore their online reviews.  In a recent survey performed by Yodle, about 50% of small business owners believe positive online reviews are not important.  I recently compiled a list of the benefits a business can receive by encouraging their customers to give them positive online reviews.

A stellar review from a client on a review site like Yelp, Google Plus, etc. will do some, if not all of these:

  • Give you a higher listing on the review site
  • Increase your star rating on the site and in search engines that share the star rating
  • Increase organic national searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Increase your local search engine optimization

But most importantly, a positive online review will increase your social proof, your legitimacy in your market.  Clients and customers buy from those that they trust.  Legitimate positive online reviews will do that for you.  Check out some of my best resources for managing your businesses online reviews.  Check out my new online course:  Fans on Fire!  Build Your Business With Online Reviews!

For a free quick start guide to leveraging the power of legitimate online reviews and 12 free email, letter and web page templates, download it here.

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