Fans On Fire!

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Is This Book for You?

Well do any of these statements fit you?

  • You want more leads for your business but don’t have or don’t want to increase the budget for more advertising.
  • Negative online reviews about your business, product or service are pissing you off!
  • You want to earn the customer service awards your competition has won.
  • You want the reputation of being an industry leader in your market.

So how can you make one or more of those statements a reality?  By implementing a strategy I developed called Fans-on-Fire – Leveraged online reviews!

You’ll learn the following by reading this book:

  • How to build a continuous source of free, new leads for your business.
  • How to gate or control which customers will write online reviews for you.
  • How to build or rebuild your online reputation (your social proof) and your national and local search engine optimization with online reviews. Including how I improved my business’s Google rating of just 1 star to a 4.5 star rating.
  • What the most popular review websites are and how to find the review websites specific to your industry.
  • How to leverage your new and existing positive customer reviews for maximum benefit. So if you have a stack of older customer reviews now, you are sitting on a gold mine!
  • How some of the most popular Internet review websites work.
  • How to handle negative and fake reviews about your product, service or company.
  • How to handle a complaining customer.
  • How to develop a systematic approach to handling your online review program in just 30 minutes or less per week.

All with full integrity . . . using only legitimate strategies . . . only real customers and real reviews!  No black hat techniques, unethical reputation management firms, or fake reviews allowed!

So join over 5000 successful students that have already learned and applied my online review strategies that I call “Fans-on-Fire!”

Praise for Tom’s online review marketing strategies (reviews for the Udemy companion course):

“This course has given me a way to get though the ’review bottleneck.’

I work hard to produce high quality results for my clients and many of them are tremendously happy with the work I produce. My problem has always been that even when I ask (verbally) for them to review my work it generally doesn’t happen, and I didn’t understand why! Tom’s course has given me not only the tools, but also the understanding of the process I need to properly encourage them to create and post positive reviews. On top of all that he also gives you a way to use reviews as a feedback mechanism to help improve your product or service delivery without damaging your public reputation. I can’t tell you how many times I would like people to tell me what they are REALLY thinking when they don’t want to. Tom’s system helps with that as well.

Two thumbs up Tom!” – Scott

“All you need is here!

Very detailed and comprehensive guide to nailing the review tactics. Thanks Tom; enjoyed this very much!” – Scott Britton

“Short, Sharp and Immediately Actionable

Thanks Tom, I have under-utilized 5 start reviews for my Mindfulness 4 Mothers Program – it is such a good way of spreading the word and you have given me many ideas for doing so.” – Kellie Edwards

“No-Fluff, Great Course

Reviews are the backbone of Local SEO and Online reputation; in this course Tom explains how to get reviews for your online business. No-Fluff

I highly recommend it to anyone.” – Faisal Rehman

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