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Udemy courseWelcome to my Udemy courses! Proud to be a Udemy Premium Instructor with over 8000 students and over 50 – 5 star reviews!

shutterstock_146762978 (800x572)New Course Release Special! Over 600 students signed up in less than 30 hours and the course was NUMBER 1 in New & Noteworthy in Entrepreneurship Courses on Udemy!

Entrepreneurs Guide To Finance Your Business or Startup In 2018! Finance your business or startup now! Over 30 ways to get the cash you need from an entrepreneur who raised over $300,000!

5 STAR REVIEW! “Finished going through Tom’s course on financing your business. It was very informative. I got a lot of good ideas to use in my business start-ups. It met each of my expectations when signing up for the course. Easy to listen to and to follow along.” – Keith

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Google Plus Facebook Yelp online review secrets

My best selling course: Google, Yelp, Facebook & Twitter Online Reviews to Maximize Sales & Leads – 9 out of 10 sales are influenced by online reviews on Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp, etc, leverage them to increase profit!

This course has given me a way to get though the “review bottleneck”. I work hard to produce high quality results for my clients and many of them are tremendously happy with the work I produce. My problems has always been that even when I ask (verbally) for them to review my work it generally doesn’t happen, and I didn’t understand why! Tom’s course has given me not only the tools, but also the understanding of the process I need to properly encourage them to create and post positive reviews. On top of all that he also gives you a way to use reviews as a feedback mechanism to help improve your product or service delivery without damaging your public reputation. I can’t tell you how many times I would like people to tell me what they are REALLY thinking when they don’t want to. Tom’s system helps with that as well. Two thumbs up Tom!” Scott – Udemy Student

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Entrepreneur small business startupMy foundation course – Entrepreneurship 101: How To Start A Business You Love Now! Stuck on what business idea to start? Match your skills, personality, passions & more to the right business for you!

“Essential Road Map to Success. There are many entrepreneurship courses on Udemy, but none as complete and succinct as this. Tom takes you from start to finish with all that you need to succeed on your own. A lot of great insights were presented and I particularly like the Q&A session to discover whether or not becoming an entrepreneur is right for you. Another great course and can’t wait for his business series to continue. Excellent!” C. Eliot Tennant

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