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shutterstock_146762978 (800x572)Free Small Business Marketing.  This article really should be called Free Small Business Marketing Tips Old School Style.  Yes, I deliberately left out online and social media tools…which are many and will require a future post.  The point is these classic or “old school” marketing techniques still can work even with todays heavy online marking focus.

So are you sales in a slump?  Want to increase your revenue?  The challenges that small businesses face are unique, especially when it comes to marketing and sales.  Whether you are thinking about starting a business or have been in business for many years, try some of these simple, yet powerful techniques:

–          Give.  Donate your product, service or cash to a worthy cause that you feel passionate about and get your business positive recognition and publicity, plus you can make a huge difference!

–          Contests.  Hold a unique contest to win a gift certificate to your business.  Advertise and issue press releases to the local media to create attention.

–          Database.  Offer your customers or potential customers to join a preferred member club for free.  Email or mail out special member only offers to that list.

–          Expand your markets.  Offer to sell your product or service outside of your city either with a website, fusion marketing, independent sales representatives, etc.

–          Network.  Always have your business cards with you ready to hand out or put on a free bulletin board.  Join a business association, Chamber of Commerce or other local business group.

–          Teach.  Teach a class or speak to local groups on a subject related to your business.  Make it informative, not an advertisement.

–          Write.  Write an article or press release related to your business and submit it to local papers and media.  Make it informative, not an advertisement.

–          Consultations and Demonstrations.  Offer potential customers a no-obligation, free consultation or demonstration of your product or service.  Many will want to do business with you.

–          Barter.  Trade your product or service for advertising or join a barter club and use the credits to buy advertising.

–          Sample.  Giveaway free samples of your product or a smaller version of your service to potential customers.  Make it a free, no-obligation offer, however, if they like your product, many of them will buy from you.

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