What Review Websites Should I Target For My Small Business?

Google Yelp TripadvisorThere are 100’s of review websites for businesses.  Review websites could be a search engine, a social media site, a free or paid directory, or a combination of all of these.  Nowadays it’s hard to tell the difference!  Many review websites now act like social media sites with friending, liking, commenting and such.

Some social media websites like Facebook have a review component to their pages.  Still other review websites are listings of businesses by industry and may be paid or free.  Even though some are paid sites.  For the most part, I won’t differentiate between them.  Most paid review sites still publish your profile and put up your reviews for free.  Just because a review website offers paid advertising doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

What review sites should you target?  Well that depends on your industry.  The top ones I recommend for most businesses are:  Google Plus Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Yelp, and a LinkedIn Business Page.  But don’t stop there!  Here are some additional top review websites with links to claim or set up a profile:

Major Online Review Websites and Social Media:

Additional Online Review and Listing Websites to Consider:

Industry Specific Websites:

Restaurants and Food Establishments:

Travel – Airlines, Hotels, Resorts, Cruises, etc.

Healthcare – Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, etc.


Home Improvement:



Which websites am I missing?  Be sure to add those to the comments below.

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What other review websites would you recommend?

Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Business

YelpLogo1There is a large segment of small businesses today that completely ignore their online reviews.  In a recent survey performed by Yodle, about 50% of small business owners believe positive online reviews are not important.  I recently compiled a list of the benefits a business can receive by encouraging their customers to give them positive online reviews.

A stellar review from a client on a review site like Yelp, Google Plus, etc. will do some, if not all of these:

  • Give you a higher listing on the review site
  • Increase your star rating on the site and in search engines that share the star rating
  • Increase organic national searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Increase your local search engine optimization

But most importantly, a positive online review will increase your social proof, your legitimacy in your market.  Clients and customers buy from those that they trust.  Legitimate positive online reviews will do that for you.  Check out some of my best resources for managing your businesses online reviews.  Check out my new online course:  Fans on Fire!  Build Your Business With Online Reviews!

For a free quick start guide to leveraging the power of legitimate online reviews and 12 free email, letter and web page templates, download it here.

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Top Tips For Leveraging Your Positive Online Reviews

REviewHere is an exclusive excerpt from my online course:  Fans on Fire!  Build Your Business With Online Reviews.  Rather than keep it secret and open to my course attendees only, I thought I would share it with you!  So here are some of my top tips and links for leveraging your businesses online reviews:

Google Plus:  If you haven’t already, this is the first review site/social media profile you should set up or claim for your business.  So much could be said about the command presence that Google has on the internet, but that would take up way too much space.  Suffice to say, get this set up now.  Here is a short article on updates to Google Plus Pages:  http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2241393/Google-Warns-SEO-Businesses-to-Avoid-Fake-Reviews  Here is a free handout generator to get Google page reviews:  https://www.whitespark.ca/review-handout-generator

Facebook:  Make sure your business page is listed as a local business or use an app that allows reviews.  Admins currently have the ability to respond to reviews.  You also have the ability to remove the review or rating system as well. – Adding ratings and reviews to your business page https://www.facebook.com/help/589747184405742

Twitter:  Start a hashtag like #yourbusinessnamereviews so you can collect as many positive reviews that are easily searchable.  Favorite those tweets as well.  Research shows that positive tweets from customers lead to more business.

Yelp – Yelp may be the most challenging of review sites to master.  They have this super secret formula for what reviews they will make public or not.  For example, in my DJ company, we had 3 public reviews being shown and 10 hidden ones.  All of them were legitimate reviews of course, but the Yelp filter took them out.  But keep working at it.  Yelp shows up very high in Google so you want as many Yelp reviews that you can get.  For example, in the DJ market, our Yelp listing made it to the bottom of page 1 in Google.  Before we started with Yelp, the Yelp listing in Google didn’t even show up in that local DJ search.

How do you get those filtered or hidden reviews to show up?  The number 1 way is to get your customer more involved in other Yelp reviews.  Respond to the review, friend the customer on Yelp, like the review and send them a message through Yelp asking them to review other businesses.  Yelp is suspicious of reviewers that sign up, leave one review and never return to the site.  Those reviews will likely be hidden.  Hidden reviews can come back to life, show up publicly and then disappear again!  Yelp even has a policy against asking the customer directly for reviews!….the only review site that I know of that has that policy!  That’s a “policy” that I say you need to bend…keep asking your happy customers to review you on Yelp!  Here is an article with more tips on filtered reviews in Google and on Yelp:  http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2013/06/27/the-afterlives-of-filtered-google-plus-and-yelp-reviews/  In one study of Yelp by the Harvard Business School an increase of just one star for a restaurant lead to a 5 to 9% increase in revenue.  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/6833.html

Hubspot is a great resource for all kinds of online marketing knowledge.  Here is a great article from them on getting more reviews:  http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/31852/A-Marketer-s-Guide-to-Accumulating-Awesome-Online-Reviews.aspx and the 20 places Hubspot recommends being listed on:  http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33741/12-Places-Businesses-Should-Be-Collecting-Online-Reviews.aspx

Here is a great chart showing top review sites and their importance for ranking  http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/local-review-site-comparison1.pdf and actually here is the link to the entire article, which is awesome!  http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2013/10/24/comparison-of-local-review-sites-where-should-you-focus-now/

Great article on what not to do and examples of review landing pages:  http://www.iacquire.com/blog/get-more-reviews-without-becoming-an-outlaw

Surveys can be a great way to get feedback and reviews for your company.  Here are a couple of links to some free options:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/ & http://www.freeonlinesurveys.com/

For a free quick start guide to leveraging the power of legitimate online reviews and 12 free email, letter and web page templates, download it here.

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