Why College Students Should Start A Small Business In School

student entrepreneursWith a shrinking market for good, high-paying jobs, the old model of getting a full-time job right out of college just doesn’t work for all graduates.  Start a small business while you are still in school and graduate with more than just a degree, real small business experience!

Then while other graduates are worried about competing for fewer good jobs, your part-time small business can become your full-time venture, an asset to sell, or a second source of income.  And if you decide to jump in the shark tank with the other grads, your small business experience will shout “hire me” from your resume’!

I love this article by Joel Gascoigne, the creator of Buffer.  This is a similar message to what I share when I speak to high school and college students. You’ll never get a better time in your life to create a business then when you are still in school.

Here are just a few of the advantages student entrepreneurs have:

– You can schedule your business building work hours around your classes.
– You have time to try or experiment with several different ideas in case one doesn’t work.
– You get to utilize school resources, teachers, equipment etc. Some maybe for free or already paid for by your student fees.
– You have low to no overhead! Possibly operate from your dorm room or a college business incubator (Yes, I know it’s not technically allowed to have a business in a dorm room, but sometimes you have to bend the rules to create something new).
– You likely don’t have the pressure of having a family, lots of bills, or other big life responsibilities.

Join me, Joel and many others to encourage students to consider starting a business while they are still in school.  I have a lot more information to help student entrepreneurs…those posts will be coming out soon!  Sign up below to get notified when I post a new article!

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