One Of The Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make!

advertising1Check out this short article from!  It highlights a mistake I’ve seen many businesses make.  Remember this when advertising:  Pay for results!

Thousands of dollars of hard-earned cash is wasted by many small businesses every month!  A business may seem to be doing well, but if the owners and managers don’t know where the business is coming from, they could be blowing a lot of cash.  Cash that could be used in so many other ways.

Always, always, always, measure results!  Ask your clients and customers how they heard about you and your business.  Include this question in your online checkout system or as part of your lead generation system.  This is why pay-per-click advertising on the internet is so effective.  You actually know that a potential client looked at your ad or website, and with conversion tracking tools, you can tell whether that click turned into a paying customer or not.

Never buy advertising through the mail, email, internet, or especially by phone unless you have thoroughly researched the expense and the results other advertisers have received from it.  Many businesses go broke buying into useless internet directories, city maps, placemats, and more.  Many of these companies are operating legally, but are basically a scam in my book.

Advertise with trusted marketing channels you know and that have a proven track record.  If someone wants to sell you an unknown performing ad, offer to pay them per phone call, per website click, per order or to give you a free trial.  If their answer is no, then so should your response to purchasing that ad!

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What Type of Small Business Should I Start?

Make your passion your business

What type of small business should I start?  That is the question you may have pondered for a while.  The quick answer is to make your passion your business.  For example, I started my DJ business because I loved being a DJ.  I couldn’t imagine a more fun business then that.  Over the years my passions have changed and I eventually sold my DJ company….to someone that was also very passionate about it!

Here is a quick entrepreneur idea test

The key to finding the answer to the question “What type of small business should I start?” is to ask yourself different questions.  Give yourself just 2 minutes to answer each of these questions (Your answers will be just as good if you write whatever comes to mind quickly as opposed to analyzing them for hours):

  1. What are 5 things or activities that you love to do, that you are passionate about?  These are things you could do for hours and hours every day, year after year, even without pay.
  2. What are 5 things or activities you are really good at without a lot of effort or preparation?  These are things that other people tell you that you do well and/or that they find difficult to do.
  3. What do you feel is absolutely essential for you to do in your lifetime?  The things that you feel you must do while you are alive.  What do you dream about doing?
  4. If time and money was not an issue, what are the things that you would be doing?
  5. What resources, special knowledge, training or experience do you already have?

Now look at your list.  What is the number one theme running through all of your answers?  What one thing or activity did you list the most?  This will be your primary aim and could be you answer to “What type of small business should I start?”

Now what is the 2nd and 3rd most listed?  Maybe one of these is a better answer to “What type of small business should I start”?  Then ask this question, what are you willing to give?  What are you willing to do to achieve this goal?  How committed are you?  What is your intention to create?

“When you value the freedom and opportunity of starting your business more than the comfort of your current position, then you will take the leap.”  Tom Kenemore

You are unique.  Other people don’t have the same passions, desires and expertise that you have.  What you may know how to do blindfolded, others may not have a clue where to start.  This can be a clue to your small business destiny.

Solve a problem!  If you or someone else says “Someone should do something about that.”  That is another clue to a potential business.  As you go through your day, what frustrates you or your friends, what things should be available in the market?  Could there be an app for that?

“Every challenge has the seed of an equal or greater opportunity”.

When you have an answer to “What type of small business should I start?”  Ask yourself these clarifying questions:  Is there a market for your business idea, product or service?  Is selling to that market feasible?  Is there a low-cost way to reach enough potential buyers for your product or service?  I recommend focusing and specializing in a narrow niche.  Keep it as simple as possible.  Jack of all trades is the master of no trade.  If your business starts out complicated, the likely hood of failure is higher.  Be a star at what you do, not a nebula.  Grow rich in a niche.

BONUS TIP:  Look for a market of fanatics, collectors, or raving fans about your area of interest.  These markets can often be easier to break into.

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