One Of The Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make!

advertising1Check out this short article from!  It highlights a mistake I’ve seen many businesses make.  Remember this when advertising:  Pay for results!

Thousands of dollars of hard-earned cash is wasted by many small businesses every month!  A business may seem to be doing well, but if the owners and managers don’t know where the business is coming from, they could be blowing a lot of cash.  Cash that could be used in so many other ways.

Always, always, always, measure results!  Ask your clients and customers how they heard about you and your business.  Include this question in your online checkout system or as part of your lead generation system.  This is why pay-per-click advertising on the internet is so effective.  You actually know that a potential client looked at your ad or website, and with conversion tracking tools, you can tell whether that click turned into a paying customer or not.

Never buy advertising through the mail, email, internet, or especially by phone unless you have thoroughly researched the expense and the results other advertisers have received from it.  Many businesses go broke buying into useless internet directories, city maps, placemats, and more.  Many of these companies are operating legally, but are basically a scam in my book.

Advertise with trusted marketing channels you know and that have a proven track record.  If someone wants to sell you an unknown performing ad, offer to pay them per phone call, per website click, per order or to give you a free trial.  If their answer is no, then so should your response to purchasing that ad!

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